Review: Liberté Pinot Noir

Liberté Pinot Noir

Liberté Pinot Noir is one of those bottle of wine that you buy from Trader Joe’s for all the wrong reasons. You’re not buying it for the price, because at $10, it is almost on the higher end of Trader Joe’s wines. You’re not buying it because you’ve heard great things about the wine. No, you’re buying it because it has a catchy, easy to remember name, and because it has a striking label that always catches your eye when you notice it on the shelf.

While your reasoning might be flawed, worry not. The Liberté Pinot Noir is made of grapes from San Luis Obispo, California. They produce a robust Pinot Noir that really brings the right amount of red fruit to the flavor tempered with just a touch of vanilla and a smooth finish.

While the Liberté Pinot Noir is a few dollars more than I’m used to spending at Trader Joe’s for a decent bottle of wine, it is well worth it. Though not the best wine in the entire world, this is a wine that has never let me down.