Review: Sainte Croix Syrah-Merlot La Bergerie

Sainte-Croix Syrah-Merlot La Bergerie

I picked the Sainte-Croix Syrah-Merlot La Bergerie up at Trader Joe’s for only $5. It had been some time since I had turned to Trader Joe’s for my wine needs, and I always forget what a great selection of under $10 wines they have there. Sure, some of them are absolutely horrid, some are just blah, but there are a number of real gems hidden throughout their selection. When I grabbed this bottle, I knew nothing about it whatsoever and so had no clue as to which of those three categories it would fall into.

As the name implies, the Sainte Croix Syrah-Merlot La Bergerie is a blend of Syrah and Merlot. In fact, it is an even 50/50 split of the two. The grapes are French, coming from the Vin De Pays. In terms of flavor, the Syrah adds a nice hefty to what would otherwise be a lighter Merlot. There is a little bit of spice up front partnered with black currant.

The Sainte Croix Syrah-Merlot La Bergerie was decent. You could definitely do a lot worse for $5. If you are on a budget, this is a wine you should add to your list. However, if you have a few more dollars, you can get something much better in the $8-10 range.