Review: Sutter Home White Merlot

Sutter Home White Merlot

With their White Merlot, Sutter Home is trying to do for Merlot what they did all those years back for Zinfandel when they invented and created the market for White Zinfandel. Now, I know what you are asking. Did the world really need White Merlot? Great question. However, I only have the most basic answer, which is another question. Who cares? What’s done is done. Sutter Home has birthed White Merlot upon the world. All that is left is for us to drink it and tell you about it.

When first poured, the Sutter Home White Merlot most resembles fruit punch Kool-Aid. It has a bright red color and smells strongly of fruit (not fresh fruit, more of the processed fruit beverage fruit). The Kool-Aid comparison almost carries though to the flavor. It is basically cool, sweet berries, though it does have more complexity and alcohol content that your typical fruit punch.

For those that care about such things, the Sutter Home White Merlot only has 122 calories per serving despite all the sweetness in there. I strongly believe that if you are a fan of the Sutter Home White Zinfandel, you will definitely enjoy this wine as well.