Review: Trader Joe’s Rum of the Gods

Trader Joe's Rum of the Gods

Trader Joe’s Rum of the Gods is a private label rum offering from the fine folks at Trader Joe’s. And it is cheap! A standard size bottle was only $9, which basically makes this a complete bargain, assuming it is at all drinkable. This rum is part of Trader Joe’s “of the Gods” line of liquors which also includes offerings like Vodka of the Gods and (randomly enough) Pisco of the Gods.

I am a little confused as to where Trader Joe’s Rum of the Gods comes from. It was around a few years ago in California, but then it seemed to drop off the radar only to reemerge recently. The bottle itself says made in Barbados, but according to their Twitter account, it is bottled by Minhas Distillery (the same folks who do the Simple Times Lager for Trader Joe’s). So who makes Rum of the Gods? I don’t exactly know.

Where it comes from aside, we still have to drink the stuff. Trader Joe’s Rum of the Gods generated very divergent opinions among the tasting panel. As you might have guessed, no one enjoyed drinking this stuff neat. Next up, we tried a traditional daiquari. Some people thought that the sugar and lime did enough to mask the cheapness so as to make it drinkable, other couldn’t handle this stuff until it was mixed generously with Coke.

At the end of the day, people who have an affinity for cheap liquor are going to be completely fine with Trader Joe’s Rum of the Gods. While I generally find myself in that category, I would probably spend the extra dollar or two and upgrade to the Cruzan Dark Rum, but that’s just a personal cheap rum preference.