Review: Kentucky Gentleman Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

Kentucky Gentleman Bourbon

Kentucky Gentleman is an odd one. From what I can tell, there are two versions of it, and unfortunately for us all, I got my hands on the lesser of them. You have to look closely at the label. One is labeled Kentucky Gentleman Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Supposedly this is the good one, though I haven’t tried it. The bottle I got was missing the word “Straight” and instead included some small print telling me that it was Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and spirits from the finest grains blended together.

So what does that mean? It means that Kentucky Gentleman Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey is 51% actual bourbon and the other 49% is made up of grain alcohol. I did not even know that such a travesty was allowed until I came across it here. And somehow the rules still let them call it bourbon. Ugh.

I was mentally hating on the Kentucky Gentleman Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey before I even had my first sip, so that might have influenced my opinion just a bit or at least set my expectations very low. And you know what? It actually was better than I expected. I definitely got a little bit of the roasted nut flavors along with something that tasted a bit like burnt caramel. It was by no means fabulous, but I was completely able to drink it in a highball.

Surprisingly enough, this blended bourbon was named Best Value American Whiskey under $10 back in 2006. I did not know that such a category existed, but I have to say that I might concur. For a bourbon this cheap, it is at least consumable. Now if only I could have gotten the Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey instead of the blend.