Review: The Light Grape Chardonnay

The Light Grape Chardonnay

Have you ever wanted to sit back and enjoy a nice glass of Chardonnay without worrying about all those empty calories? If so, The Light Grape Chardonnay is for you! This Chardonnay purports to offer all the same Chardonnay taste with only 80 calories. How do they accomplish this borderline miraculous feat? By using a proprietary process, the folks behind The Light Grape can lower the alcohol content down to 8.5% without sacrificing any of that fine Chardonnay flavor.

Speaking of flavor, the The Light Grape Chardonnay is not your typical, buttery California Chardonnay. It is very light, with intense tropical fruit flavors and a decent dose of acidity. I was quite surprised by how crisp this wine is, almost reminding me of a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

Because of that, The Light Grape Chardonnay pairs well with vegetables, shrimp, light pasta or even chicken. This versatility makes it a great wine to keep around the house, as it is a wonderful addition to most meals (unless you eat a lot of red meat). If you find yourself in need of cutting calories but don’t want to drink less, you should give this wine a try.



The wine for this review provided by The Light Grape.